UAE Reverses Visa Ban on Nigerians

The United Arab Emirates after a high-level meeting between its president (Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan) and the Nigerian president (Bola Ahmed Tinubu), has lifted its visa ban on Nigerians.

By so doing, it’s expected that Etihad Airlines and Emirates Airlines are to resume flight schedules in and out of Nigeria in the shortest possible time as negotiated between the two leaders, the immediate restoration of flight activities does not involve any immediate payment by the Nigerian Government.

The investment arms of the Government of the UAE have also agreed to deploy billions of dollars worth of new investments into the Nigerian economy across multiple sectors, which include defense, and agriculture.

The Nigerian Delegate to the left, the UAE delegate to the right

Similarly, President Tinubu has negotiated a joint, new foreign exchange liquidity program between the two governments, which will be announced in detail in the coming weeks.

President Tinubu commended the UAE President, Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, for his friendship and his determined effort to join hands with Nigerians to fully normalize and reset the standard of relations between the two countries.